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Colorado Vintage Companies, Inc.

CVC's reputation for getting the job done has resulted in the company being sought after throughout the United States and in parts of Asia and Europe.  This reputation has been earned through decades of experience not only in measurement and mitigation of every type of building, but also CVC's active role in research and development of cost-effective methods, and the creation of education programs.

Initially focusing on residential structures, CVC's experience and innovations have placed it on the leading edge of radon technology, causing it to be recognized as experts in large buildings and residential properties.

CVC personnel are highly qualified and experienced in both radon measurements and mitigation, and are frequently called upon as educators to the radon industry as well as the general public.

From specialized surveys, to large scale mitigation design and installation, or information for the "do-it-yourselfer," CVC has the capability and the desire to fulfill your needs reliably and cost-effectively.  Select a service to the left that best suits your situation or need.

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